Friday, September 11, 2009

Last Stops in Europe

I´m in Spain, my last stop in Europe before I head to South America. Last time I updated I was trying to go to Croatia with some friends I met, which ended up working out really well. I took a bus to Bratislava in Slovakia and they all meet me there that night. We had a day there to check out the castle, but it turned out there wasn´t that much to do. Its a nice enough city, but not a very exciting one, plus my three friends all seemed to be sick so we took it easy. Next we hopped on a sleeper train to Split in Croatia. The train was awesome because the four of us has a six person compartment all to ourselves. It made the 15 hours trip a lot of fun. When we arrived in Split we went to the room we booked and it turned out just to be a room in this guy´s house, haha which was interesting.
Split is a really picturesque town because its has a small cute old town with old style houses, mountains in the background and ocean that is really really blue. We hung out there for a day, mostly wandering around the markets and the old town. Next day we took the ferry to the island of Brac about a hour ride away. We decided to go with no plan on where we were staying that night, which actually worked out really well. We were able to bargain down a hostel, which turned out to be a really fun place. We stayed three days mostly hanging out on the beach. One day we went to Bol, a really nice beach on the other side of the island. It was cool because it had small smooth white rocks instead of sand. One night we ran around drinking wine and jumping on trampolines and running away without paying, haha it was fun. On the last day it was someones birthday at the hostel so there was a crazy pirate themed day which involved renting boats in the day and a pirate party at night. I didn´t go on the boats because I had an ear infection, which was really annoying. Later back in Split i went to the doctor and it turned out to be an outer ear infection, very painful, but went away with some antibiotics.
After the island our group split up, I went back to Vienna for my flight to Spain. I spent one more day in Vienna, but it was raining and I had just been on a bus for 12 hours all night, so I didn´t do much at all. The flight to Spain was good, although it was the least fancy plane I´ve taken on my ticket so far, no movies, no drinks, no food, haha. My Aunt and Uncle live in Madrid so I was able to stay in their apartment, tho they weren´t there at the time. And then Kyle arrived the next day and we met up with no problems. We staying in Madrid for two days, on day going on a day trip to Toledo. Toledo is a cute little town with some nice churches with good views. It was a good contrast from Madrid which is huge, but I like it still. We didn´t do too much there yet, wandered around and cooked food mostly. We are going back today for a few days and will do some of the sights I think. We spent the last three days in Barcelona, which was great. Our hostel had an awesome location, right in the middle of things. Barcelona is a great place to just walk around, with lots of bars and cafes to stop in for tapas or sangria. We also did a walking tour and hung out on the sandy beaches. On the middle day we took a train to Montserrat which was an awesome place to go hiking. There were crazy peaks with fun rock formations and great views on the country side from the top. And last night we went karaoking! It finally worked out, haha and I sang three songs, yay. The English selection was small but good enough. It was fun also because we were the only non local people there so it didn´t feel all touristy like a lot of Barcelona did. Now we go back to Madrid for a few days and then I´m of to Peru!


  1. all this time without karaoke...I was worried for you. ;p
    It sounds like a lot of fun there. (and with Kyle too! :D)

  2. woo hoo karaoke! I'm glad you had fun with Kyle!

  3. Yay Karaoke! I know finally, it was so much fun!